The Shortees x GolfBox 18th Hole Jackpot

Take your best shot! Get a hole-in-one on the 18th and win big!

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible;

• The Terms and Conditions must be completed and agreed to before commencing your round.

• A shot at the Jackpot can only be taken within an 18 hole round. 

• The Jackpot Entry Fee ($2 per player + standard 18 hole green fees) must be paid before commencing your round.

• To win, the player must get a hole-in-one (the ball must be hit from the tee box and go in the hole) only on the 18th hole.

• The player gets only one shot at the Jackpot Hole. No practise shots. No Mulligans.

• A registered player that gets a hole in one on the 18th will win the Jackpot amount displayed in the clubhouse. In the event the Jackpot is won before a participant reaches the 18th hole and they get a hole-in-one, that player will receive the minimum prize of $300 not the amount displayed when they paid the Jackpot fee.

• The winning shot must be varified by our Jackpot Hole camera. In the event that the shot can’t be varified by our camera the player will receive their money back. 

• Registered Players under the age of 18 that win the Jackpot cannot receive cash but will receive a voucher to use at Shortees to the value of the Jackpot amount. 

• Participants are in eligible if they are or have ever been a professional golfer.

• Particpants agree to allow Shortees to use their personal image from the competition in promotion of the event in the future.

• Minimum prize is $500 + a $100 GolfBox voucher.